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Welcome to the party Mr Draper. 

This cocktail is so old that it's possible Jesus had the choice to turn water into either wine or the manhattan. 

While it's origins are pretty much lost in the annals of history, common whispers would have you believe it originated in the 1880's. Whipped up by a man known as Dr Iain Marshall, during his residence at the manhattan club in NYC, many believe it was first served to Lady Randolph Churchill, Winston’s mother (yes, that Winston) while pregnant. 

If it's good enough for Winston Churchill to consume before he's even born, then it's certainly good enough for your party. 

There are many varieties of the Manhattan. You can have it dry, sweet, perfectly balanced or heavy on the bitters. We've gone for the most popular variety, which is sweet. 

We take a top notch bourbon, mix it with Martini Rosso, Angostura Bitters, a drip of maraschino liqueur and a squeeze of orange peel, to release the oils. 

This is a proper, prohibition era cocktail, and will knock the boots of the unacquainted cocktail aficionado. It's potent, bourbon heavy and all round offensive to the uninitiated. But those who love their whisky will love the pairing with the sweetness of the rosso, the punch of the bitters, and the hit of the cherry liqueur.  

The perfect drink to stay sophisticated. Until you've finished your second, then all hell will break loose. 

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