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If ever there were a drink so poorly made and disappointingly understood in the average bar, it would be the margarita.

Firstly let’s get one thing straight, (good) Tequila is awesome. That stuff you remember shooting in uni, (rhymes with Hosé) is really as low down the tequila pecking order as it gets, but good marketing never misses a trick.

So you’re looking for something 100% agave. Which is exactly what goes into ours.

What’s in it?

OlMeca Altos 100% agave tequila (silver), Triple sec, a whole load of lime and a pinch of sea salt. Really simple, really delicious.

Will I like it?

Rhymes with Hosé tequila has given tequila, and possibly the margarita a bad rep. When done properly with a smooth, premium tequila, the margarita is a relatively easy drinking, albeit heavy on the citrus libation with plenty of character and an almost guaranteed trip to nostalgia filled beach vacations. It’s certainly not soft and fruity though; potent and easy to overindulge in, the margarita should be treated with all of the respect tequila deserves.

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